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Welcome to Dr. Shehadeh's Laboratory

Dr. Shehadeh’s laboratory is investigating metabolic switch in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF) and Sudden Death. The team is also investigating COVID-induced myocarditis and endothelial and immunogenic dysfunction in Long COVID. Dr. Shehadeh’s expertise in computational biology and data mining allows her to compile masses of genomic datasets to identify candidate genes and microRNAs with potential therapeutic functions. Her research has identified Osteopontin as a major regulator of heart failure and Alport pathology. In addition to animal models, she uses translational tools such as AAV9 gene therapy, RNA aptamers, and monoclonal antibodies to reverse heart failure and prevent cholesterol influx in renal tubules and cardiac myocytes. Check out our publications (and more) in the menu above or click the link: publications page.

From our hearts to yours!

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