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  9. Echocardiography Protocol: A tool for Infrequently Used Parameters in Mice. Frontiers in Medicine.
    Emily Ann Todd*, Monique Williams*, Ali Kamiar, Monica Rasmussen, Shehadeh LA. *These two authors contributed equally. PMID: 36620641 Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine: Cardiovascular Imaging. Dec 2022.

  10. Autoimmune reaction associated with long COVID syndrome and cardiovascular disease: a genetic case report.  Anita Safronenka*, Jose MC Capcha*, Keith A Webster, Elena Buglo, Leonardo Tamariz, Jeffrey Goldberger, and Shehadeh LA. *These two authors contributed equally. PMCID: PMC9633038  JACC. September. 2022.

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  12. Col4a3-/- mice on Balb/C background have less severe cardiorespiratory phenotype and SGLT2 over-expression compared to 129x1/SvJ and C57Bl/6 background. Camila I Irion, Monique Williams, Jose Condor Capcha, Trevor Eisenberg, Guerline Lambert, Lauro M Takeuchi, Grace Seo, Keyvan Yousefi, Rosemeire Kanashiro-Takeuchi, Karen C Young, Joshua M Hare, Shehadeh LA.  PMID: 35743114. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. June 15 2022.

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  14. S2 Heart Sound Identifies the Presence of Aortic Valve Calcification in a Mouse Model of Chronic Kidney Disease. Valentina Dargam, Hooi Hooi Ng, Sana Nasim, Daniel Chaparro, Camila Irion, Suhas Rathna Seshadri, Armando Barreto, Zachary Danziger, Shehadeh LA, and Joshua Hutcheson. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine. PMID: 35694672May 25 2022.

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  Book Chapters

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